Cannabis Solutions

Full-Suite Solutions for Cannabis Businesses

Overcoming the unique business challenges in the cannabis industry is easy with the right partner.

At Nucleus Insurance, we are aware of the distinctive obstacles the cannabis and hemp industries face concerning insurance, payroll, and payment processing. That’s why we present custom solutions designed to help your business flourish in this dynamic sector.

But our assistance doesn’t stop at insurance. Recognizing the importance of a well-managed workforce for your business success, we also provide expert HR services. From hiring practices and compliance to managing employee relations and retention, our dedicated team will guide you through the complexities of HR in the cannabis and hemp sectors.

Moreover, we acknowledge the value of competitive employee benefits in attracting and retaining top talent. We’ll help you design and manage a comprehensive benefits package that aligns with your budget and your employees’ needs, ensuring your business remains a preferred employer in the industry.

Furthermore, we’re committed to helping you minimize risk and enhance business stability. We achieve this by ensuring your business is adequately covered, offering risk management advice, and providing resources and training that help you create a safer, more secure work environment.

At Nucleus Insurance, our goal is to empower cannabis and hemp businesses to succeed amid evolving legal landscapes and market dynamics.

We’re not just your insurance agent, we’re your strategic partner in navigating the unique challenges of the cannabis and hemp industries.

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  • General Liability, Product Liability, Property Insurance and more
  • Employee Benefits (Health, 401k, Retirement Plans)
  • Custom insurance policies for your cannabis business
  • Experts ready to handle claims processing

payroll servicesPayroll Services

  • Payment processing, tax withholding and reporting, and compliance management
  • Tailored payroll systems meeting the unique needs of the cannabis industry, including compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Support and resources to manage your payroll effectively

worker's compensationWorker’s Compensation

  • Workers’ compensation coverages for cannabis businesses
  • Coverage for workplace injuries, illnesses, and specific coverages for the cannabis industry (e.g., exposure to chemicals)
  • Experts ready to support managing workplace safety and
    reducing risk of injuries

payment processingPayment Merchant Processing Services

  • Credit and debit card processing, ACH payments,
    and other payment options
  • Compliance with state and federal
  • Reliable, secure, and expert support available

Focus on growing your business with our tailored solutions

Don’s miss out on your exclusive opportunity to minimize risk and enhance business stability with Nucleus services

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